Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sapphire writes: (a poem)

Sapphire writes:

“…What’s happening to the world?
Why are people being so
mean and ungrateful?”

Perhaps Sapphire, they
have a hole in their hearts
where God is suppose to be.
Or possibly the world was
always like this, and we were
too blind to see (that I don’t
want to believe). Whatever,
when we were young, or at
least me, the world you
talk about, seemed more
pleasant, less surreal;
now all I can say,
Sapphire is, welcome,
to the reptile

#2305 3-3-2008 Sapphire, was is a person whom asked
me a questionBy writing a comment to me in July, 2007,
I believe the date is correct, and this is my response.

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